What Is Facebook Ads manager?


What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Ads Manager is an official Facebook tool that allows you to easily create and manage ads on Instagram and Facebook. An advertiser can track all their campaigns, ad groups or individual ads on Facebook. Make the necessary corrections in them and monitor their effectiveness.

Instagram is the brainchild of Facebook, so there is only one advertising account.

If you want to set up advertising in a simplified version. Through an instagram account (without Facebook), then I advise you to read the article.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Today, Facebook is one of the most important social networks in the world. Many companies, mostly foreign ones, use Facebook tools to make their products even more popular and famous. Therefore, if you want to develop and scale your own business, then Facebook will help you with this. Below are 6 reasons why advertising through Ads is a very good investment:

  • Using Facebook allows you to expand the customer base – it searches for the target audience of the right users according to a given sample, scales and shows them advertising. This tool is called look-a-like-search and increase the audience similar to the existing one.
  • Facebook sets up the cost per click itself. In order for Facebook to do this, you need to select the automatic bid option in the advertising cabinet interface. In this mode, Facebook focuses on the entire budget to ensure the optimal result. Which is aimed at optimizing the ad group. This tool works perfectly and can be trusted, in particular, if you want to minimize advertising costs.
  • Facebook carefully analyzes its audience, thanks to which it is possible to find users by specific and narrowly focused interests. For example, users who pickle cucumbers. Facebook very carefully and fully collects information about users. Studies their interests based on the content that these users interested in. And then provides us with the number of the audience for this interest.
  • After setting up an ad through Facebook Ads Manager, you can also run it in the Instragram. This allows you to save time and achieve the best result.
  • Facebook has a post-payment system for paying for advertising. First, an advertising campaign – carried out, and then you need to pay for it. Thus, Facebook gives out a credit of trust. Moreover, the more you run ads, the later Facebook debits money from your card.

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