What Is Google AdWords Manager?


Traditional advertising formats with a wide coverage are being replaced by targeted advertising. One of the most popular and convenient management services of which is Google AdWords.

Targeting, in particular, Google AdWords, is not only replacing the generally accepted advertising concepts. It also partially eliminates the lack of SEO optimization of the promoted Internet resources. This is achieved by attracting traffic through campaigns tailored to the needs of a particular advertiser.

Small businesses and even one person can easily afford such tools. Thanks to easy setup and almost unlimited budgets from below.

What is Google AdWords?

In 2018, Google Adwords was renamed Google Ads. This platform is based, on the one hand, on large user data collected by the company over many years. Billions of users with unique demographic characteristics and interests are classified and distributed among many groups according to statistically significant criteria.

On the other hand, these are two large structures: Search and the Display Network. They serve as an environment where each user receives relevant information from advertisers about their products and services based on their preferences and interests.

By targeting advertising to a limited circle of people with certain characteristics. The advertiser reduces the cost of resources to attract customers to his business. And Google Ads Search and CMS help him to select such users from the total number with high accuracy.

The matter is in principle

The principle of how Google AdWords works is relatively simple. The client makes an advertisement that must contain keywords related to his goods or services. For example, for a pet store, the keywords can be “dog food”, “pet products”, “pet store in Moscow”. To select the right words, you can use the keyword planner – one of the AdWords services. When potential customers search Google for information on such queries, the system will show them your site next to the search results. And the client can only click on your link.

AdWords-efficiency is the key to the success of your business

AdWords is one of the most effective advertising tools. And its main advantage over other types of advertising is an accurate hit to the audience, or in another way-targeting.

  • If a person is looking for something on Google, it means that the subject of the search has already been determined. So, the customer receives only those customers who are potentially ready to use his services. Therefore, the response will be greater. At the same time, your site will be displayed for all relevant queries.
  • Flexibility is another plus of Google AdWords. The user of the system gets the opportunity to edit or change an ad at any time. As well as intelligently manage the advertising budget and “hit exactly the target” by showing ads at a certain time of the day. Or only to residents of a particular region. This, on the one hand, reduces advertising costs. And on the other, allows you to make the audience coverage even more accurate.
  • And finally, AdWords is a reasonable expenditure of the advertising budget. The user of the system does not pay for placing an ad, but for each click – that is. Not for prospects, but for real customers who are interested in the site and have visited its page.

The cost of AdWords advertising

AdWords allows you to plan your advertising budget using different strategies. The choice of strategy depends both on the financial capabilities of the client and on the goals of the campaign, which may be different. Most often, this is an increase in brand awareness, an increase in the number of site visitors or sales stimulation.

Pay per click

In this case, the advertiser pays for each click. This model is suitable for those who want to increase traffic. The user sets the maximum fee per click by himself. The minimum bid that ensures that an ad is displayed in the desired position. And in a certain format is the actual price per click of AdWords. And it is always lower than the maximum.

Payment for the number of ad impressions

In this model, a thousand ad impressions paid for. This method of billing – suitable for advertisers interested in promoting the brand. It is only available in campaigns for the display network.

Conversion fee

The method – for advanced AdWords users who are interested in conversion. Certain customer actions – purchases or registration on the site. The customer still pays per click. But when using this strategy, AdWords automatically adjusts the bids so as to increase the number of conversions. For a more reasonable spending of funds. You can use the price-per-conversion optimization function – it increases the bid for those clicks that are more likely to lead to a certain action on the site.

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