What Is WooCommerce?

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The Internet is one of those places where more and more online stores are popping up. But did you know that many of them work under WooCommerce? And that it is so easy that without technical knowledge, it can be used to create your own e-commerce business in minutes?

If you want to know what Woocommerce is, what it is for, the benefits it offers, and what you need to enable it, be sure to check out what we have prepared for you.

Allow users to add products to their cart directly from the blog

Woocommerce can be defined as a plugin. In fact, this is what it is, a plugin that is installed in WordPress. And serves to create a functional online store on one page without the need to know programming or have a lot of computer skills. It transforms your entire page so that you can sell with the most distinctive elements. Such as a cart or shopping cart in which users can put the products they are about to buy. A purchase completion system, various payment methods, expenses, carriage…

In short, we’re talking about a fully functional store with only one plugin.

Woocommerce is aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs, that is, it serves both freelancers and small and medium enterprises and companies that are not very large (even large ones, with some changes, it can serve them, although this is not their target audience.). Due to its simplicity and customization, today it is one of the most popular for creating an online store in a matter of minutes.

It was created by WooThemes, which launched it on September 27, 2011 and in a short time managed to get a lot of companies, web pages, blogs, etc. They will turn it on and start their e-commerce journey, knowing nothing about programming, just right filling in the plugin to make it work correctly.

What is this for?

With all of the above, we can say that WooCommerce is a plugin that turns a regular web page or blog into an online store. Where to sell the products you want, whether physical or electronic (e-books, special codes, etc.).

Thus, you will have the entire structure of an online store in minutes and with one plugin (although sometimes it is convenient to install several more to provide more options for users. According to data, more than 30% of online stores in the world have WooCommerce as a system which means that there are many possibilities that when you purchase you will be doing with this plugin.

And what is WooCommerce really worth? Well, by turning your page into an online store, it helps you sell. Of course, for this you really need to tweak the plugin as much as possible to avoid errors from users or to ensure that the sales process does not lead to an error, and with that you cannot complete the sale.

This used to be more difficult to achieve because the plugin was complex, there was little information, etc. But today this no longer happens. There are many tutorials out there to help you know the first steps to take with WooCommerce.

What advantages does it have?

Using WooCommerce is fast, easy. So this is an advantage in itself. And it won’t take more than 2 hours to launch an online store in WordPress using WooCommerce. Everything is included and ready to receive orders. However, there are other benefits this plugin offers you as well. For example:

WooCommerce adapts to your site

Unlike other programs or stores, it will respect a design that cost you so much to find or paid for. Only a few changes will be made (if they need to be made). But it will retain the essence of your website and WooCommerce will blend in harmoniously with it. This way, being customizable, you can change what you want.

WooCommerce is flexible

Because it focuses not only on selling physical products, but also digital, subscription and membership services… You can even create a marketplace for others to sell their products (like Wallapop or Ebay).

You have extensions that make it even better

In this case, many of them are free, but there will be others for payment, and with their help you can improve the service of your online store. If this is your first time installing it, you won’t need them because the main plugin is more than enough. But if you want to improve usability and improve features, there are some interesting ones.

Of course, since installing a lot of plugins will make your site slow down, you need to be very good at choosing which ones to use and which ones to not so that you don’t have any load speed issues.

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