What is PrestaShop?


PrestaShop for virtual stores is a popular e-commerce platform. E-commerce generates a higher percentage of retail revenue worldwide every year.

In any case, despite this boom, online stores have to face various and constant problems if they want to survive in fierce competition. Stand out from the rest and increase the conversion rate is the goal and challenge for all e-commerce sites.

An e-commerce platform that is always chosen will make a difference, PrestaShop stands out today as one of the most popular installed.

Other alternatives may be WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart.

In addition, for small and large companies or just those who want to manage an online store or an online store, PrestaShop as a platform will allow you to get exceptional benefits and results.


This is a dynamic content manager and software with whom it is possible to build a store from scratch.

Once launched, it will be easy to add modules and themes under commercial licenses.

Since 2007, an infinite number of enterprises in the network have been using this platform and selling digital or physical products Thanks to it, such growth has already reached more than 300,000 XNUMX stores working with this CMS.

However, the platform will allow customers to see in various versions the products that they want or those that they have chosen to buy.

  • It combines functions such as:
  • Delivery Options
  • Prices
  • Delivery restrictions
  • Inventory management
  • Presentation and analysis of the report
  • Managing multiple stores,
  • Refund Management
  • There are more than 310 integrated functions in total.

With the help of the platform, you can even make very exclusive settings and adjustments to a specific business process.

Catalog – PrestaShop Administration

It will be possible to have a dynamic list of products regardless of how many of them are available. A complex inventory and easy to update. It has the ability to customize attributes, expand discounts, quickly import and export and classify products.

You can move through layers, receive notifications about replenishment, have unlimited attributes (colors, sizes, etc.), manage price reductions in percentages and fixed amounts, have delivery receipts and invoices in PDF format, cross-sales and supplier management.

Categories in PrestaShop

Categories are very important to achieve differentiate products that are available for sale in e-commerce, so it is obvious that they are necessary in the store. This management is possible from the back office on the Internet.

He will be able to create a tree of “categories-subcategories” by creating a root category in advance, which will be necessary to create other types in it.

Product-Show in PrestaShop

It will display product variants in a wonderful way with different display capabilities. Multiple types of images by product, automatic resizing and zooming.

Displays prices with or without VAT, shows the contents of the basket, prints cards and products in similar categories.

This will make it easier to select the number of products to display on the page, add them to the gift list, and other functions in this regard.

Current prices in PrestaShop

They can assigned updated prices and taxes to each product. With the possibility of designation by country, category, customer group or specific selected customers.

They can be applied or assigned discounts for the total amount or as a percentage of the product price.

Website – Administration of PrestaShop

Managing a website using this platform is very simple. Keep the store on the latest version the update is within reach of a “click”.

  • Posibel emails sent via the contact form.
  • Highlight products on the main page, create a contact form in various messages, test a new page before launching.
  • Viewing the client’s account.
  • There are modules for importing stores.
  • A box for displaying promotions and options for inserting advertising banners.

Search Engines-Optimization for PrestaShop

It will be possible to optimize the page so that the store can be included in the most relevant search engines on the network, which will increase the possibilities of online traffic.

With great features for editing product tags, title tags, meta descriptions and meta tags.

In addition, features for getting a self-created site map, word cloud, and other functions.

Checkout page

Counting on an effective purchase completion page, a high conversion rate can be achieved.

This platform will offer the completion of the purchase on one page, which will generate an easy experience for users.

The fields can be configured to collect the necessary information. In the same way, the platform offers opportunities for developing special offers, gift packages, and it will be possible to place the terms of sale at the end of the purchase.

Delivery in PrestaShop

Thanks to the availability of delivery modules, the platform is fully integrated with the most relevant carriers, providing customers with options for Reliable delivery with the ability to track parcels.

In addition, you will be able to adjust the weight, cost and delivery restrictions. In general, there will be an unlimited number of destinations and carriers, including by zone.

A notification of the shipment by email and a comparison of their prices, processing fees, etc.


The platform has integration with various payment options, there is a possibility of their very simple installation. It will be possible to correct the fact of receiving the payment, since there will be a mechanism for feedback with the client by providing information.

  • They stand out as payment gateways:
  • Google Checkout
  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers
  • Authorize.net and other relevant ones.
  • It will be possible to create pricing rules with taxes regulated by countries, states, districts, etc.

In short, the payment options are truly limitless with bank transfers and checks.

Marketing in PrestaShop

Marketing and advertising tools, which Prestashop owns, was quite feasible.

  • Visitors can be redirected, this makes it possible to export products to search engines.
  • Add a video
  • Sending emails
  • Exporting products to eBay
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Integration with Google Adwords
  • Video of the product presentation
  • Postal coupons
  • Displaying a recently viewed product
  • Affiliate programs and other promotion tools

Login for clients

Through Prestashop, he can fully provide the client with a very convenient and simple login, with a personal account and the ability to send messages according to specific needs.

In short, live chat, sending messages via accounts and other means.


There are more than 40 translations available. The PrestaShop community is globally distributed in more than 150 countries.

The store can be translated into countless languages, which positively affects the user experience and the total sales that can be achieved.

Moreover, the platform allows the export and import of translation packages, with online translation tools and geographical location detection.

PrestaShop Security

Prestashop handles a secure connection, which is necessary to manage online purchases in compliance with PCI requirements for SSL.

In addition, it sets security permissions for users, has a password expiration date and locks it after repeated recovery attempts. It also encrypts cookies and passwords. You can track fraud and have a back office with excellent security.


Provides a monitoring system with the ability to determine the location of the client, the calculation of specific taxes. The configuration of the exchange rate and the possibility for the client to choose the preferred currency are guaranteed.

That is to say, in this sense, the platform allows you to synchronize exchange rates, currency formatting, unlimited rates, etc.

Reports and analysis

To be able to control sales and have data on the interactions of store visitors, all in order to direct promotion efforts and understand exactly what users need and what they are looking for;  however in this regard, adequate reports will always required.

This allows tracking the activity done by visitors in the store and will show the profiles of selected buyers.

It will facilitate notification of platform news in the back office, and also contains integration with Google Analytics.

Moreover, with Prestashop, you can develop management of pages that are not found, and receive reports on keywords. That is to say, with the help of the platform, you will be able to find out which products are the most effective, conversion rates by category, etc.

Administration of several Prestashop stores

This will allow you to manage different online stores regardless of their size and volume, starting from a single administration interface or back office with very effective dynamics.

This will simplify the administration of the catalog either by stores or by their group, with a template for each individually and separate or shared inventory in groups, as well as separate or shared orders and shopping carts.

Customer accounts can also shared or divided into groups of stores. The platform will go away to duplicate the store’s custom configuration import of another one.

In addition, you can have a specific URL or web address for each of the stores, so you can take into account aspects such as language, root category, currency, etc.

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