WordPress based Community Kit

A WordPress community plugin will help you create your own social network or online community. The WordPress platform can offer two plugin solutions to build your community. These are bbPress and BuddyPress.

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What is WordPress based Community?

A WordPress community plugin will help you create your own social network or online community. This platform can offer two plugin solutions to build your community. These are bbPress and BuddyPress, let’s discuss these options.


bbPress – easily integrated, easy to use, and built to scale with the growing community. This plugin is a simple and infinitely powerful forum software created by WordPress development contributors.

bbPress started out as miniBB but was overblown for WordPress support forums. In 2004, the WordPress team decided to rewrite the code and make a completely new system forum from scratch. It was first published on WordPress.org and has since evolved into a plugin.

The project was created by Matt Mullenweg to support WordPress users. Existing scripts forums were too complex and unwieldy, so bbPress was created by the same most principles, that and WordPress: functional and expandable core with additional features, provides through plugins.


BuddyPress – a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own social network on your website. Or, as the author also characterizes it – “a social network out of the box.”

The BuddyPress pluginacquired by Automattic from its developer Andy Pitling in March 2008. This was done with the goal of adding social networking capabilities to WordPress multisite. The first release came in May 2009, and since then a small development team led by John James Jacoby has continued what Pitling started.

What is WordPress based Community used for?


Because this is a plugin, it offers an easy way to create a forum on a WordPress blog. It works with most standard compatible site themes. The most popular open-source forums tend to be resource-intensive and not easy to integrate into a WordPress site. The bbPress Forum solves this problem. It is lightweight and can blend seamlessly with a WordPress theme. It is also very extensible and capable of handling custom forums. There is also very active forum support to help troubleshoot issues and bugs.

Some of the bbPress plugin features:

  • Creation of several forums at the same time
  • Create multiple forum categories
  • Possibility for users to subscribe to separate forums
  • Access to many forum converters
  • Visibility of who started each topic and in which category
  • Visibility of the number of people participating in the conversation
  • The visibility of the number of replies in the topic
  • And much more


BuddyPress enables users to create profiles, groups, and forums, post messages, and connect with different people.

Some BuddyPress plugin features:

  • Site members can use fully editable profile fields to describe themselves.
  • Users can change their account and notification settings directly from their profiles.
  • Site members can use the option to create a friend list, as is done on popular social networks.
  • Allows community members to communicate directly with each other.
  • Display of global activity, personal activity, and activity in groups, supplemented by tree-like comments, direct posting, featured content, and mentions.
  • Members can create groups where they can share information on a related topic.
  • Moreover, activity tracking for new posts and comments on the site.

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